Joseph Abboud Collection

Joseph Abboud Binders | Chad

Binder presentation for U.S. and Canadian custom menswear designer.  Three binders were created to showcase different programs within custom clothing collection.  Binders housed modeling information, size scales, pricing, specs for options, cards with fabric, and folders with lining options.  Each binder can hold up to 200 cards with fabric, 50 model pages, dividers for categories and include pocket inside front binder cover.  Binders were shipped to over 900 North American stores with new fabric cards, page updates and revisions happening on a monthly basis.

Joseph Abboud Binders | Chad

All binder information layout was completed in InDesign and Photoshop was used for model sketch edits or post-client file editing.  Total presentation comprised over 500 cards with different fabrics and fabric specifics, over 100 pages of detailed information pages, 4 folders with suit lining options, and various die-cut divider pages.

Joseph Abboud Store | Chad

Last portion of project consisted of different approach for the NYC Madison Avenue storefront.  This included the same set of fabrics and information only on large cuts of fabric with sewn edges and sewn on labels that went onto ring sets to give a high-end feel.  Information and size scale pages were presented in a tall-fabric wrapped binder, layouts for this portion completed in InDesign.